Abbie & Enda: Wedding – The Queensberry Album

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Thought I would show you Abbie & Enda’s wedding album. They had their reception at Bellinter House

I get my albums from Queensberry who are my album manufacturers/suppliers in New Zealand.

Why so far? Because they are the best. And anyway because of modern technology it feels like they around the corner…almost 🙂

Albums come into me and then they are collected and gone.


And whenever this happens I always say why didn’t I photograph it?

Well I did today. Just some shots to give you an idea of what it looked like. This album has a stone silk cover with ivory matted pages. A nice simple elegant design. No overlapping images or faded images in the background.

I love the shot of Abbie looking over her shoulder. We were ready to go. I said give me a minute. Look over your shoulder towards the window light. Chin up so I can get those catchlights in your eyes. Close your eyes and then 1-2-3 open them slowly.

Click. Click. Done. Run (me)

IMG_9240Van Longhuyzen Album CollageIMG_9260

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