About Me

aboutHello I’m Larry and I’m a husband, a dad and a photographer.

I grew up surrounded by the cliffs and sea in Howth Co Dublin. You won’t hear me saying “Har har me hearties”, but I do love a good storm, the plaintive sound of a fog horn and the smell of sea salt in the air. I love a bit of drama and yes the odd sad song. But I also love to photograph people and their weddings and all that happiness, and to capture their story in an authentic, heartfelt, elegant and creative way. My objective will be to tell the visual story of your wedding day, by combining natural documentary style images, with some directed photographs. I’m constantly on the look-out for spontaneous special moments, humour, laughter and (happy) tears. I have a fun and relaxed style, which will make the experience enjoyable for you and my discreet approach will not intrude. Dublin based, I’m very happy to take my work all over Ireland & abroad. So if you like my vision get in touch today.