Cliff at Lyons Wedding – Laura + Aiden

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cliff at lyons wedding


Really loved shooting Aiden and Laura’s wedding which took place at the Cliff at Lyons ( formerly known as the Village at Lyons).

Weddings are all about family, friends and creating lasting memories.

And as it should be, their little daughter, Grace , was there to witness it all.


We had torrential and sudden rain for a while, but the calm pronouncements by the pilots amongst us ( Aiden and his best man) that the supercell would pass, turned out to be true……….phew.

Fasten your seatbelts.

cliff at lyons wedding

cliff at lyons wedding

cliff at lyons wedding

cliff at lyons wedding

cliff at lyons wedding

cliff at lyons wedding

cliff at lyons wedding

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-107

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-108

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-109

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-110

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-111

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-112

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-113

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-114

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-115

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-116

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-117

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-119

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-120

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-121

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-122

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-123

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-124

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-125

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-126

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-127

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-128

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-129

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-130

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-131

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-132

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-133

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-134

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-135

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-136

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-137

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-138

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-140

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-141

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-142

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-143

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-144

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-145

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-146

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-147

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-148

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-149

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-150

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-151

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-152

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-153

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-154

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-155

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-156

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-157

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-158

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-159

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-160

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-161

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-162

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-163

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-165

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-164

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-166

cliff at lyons wedding

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-168

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-169

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-170

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-171

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-172

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-173

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-174

Cliff at Lyons-Wedding-Aidan-Laura-175



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